• Whether you are reloading for handgun, rifle, shotshell or muzzleloading we have what you need. We pack powder and primers together in one box for one hazmat fee. Whether you’re looking for one box or bulk brass we have you covered. We carry all of your reloading needs including Smokeless Powder, Primers, Bullets and Reloading Equipment. You ...

    Buy Personal Defense HST Micro at Federal Premium. WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

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  • Just reloading components. Second, expect all 9mm bullets that we make to take 10-12 weeks to ship. 9mm 115 FMJ is our most popular bullet and will take the longest to ship. Please do not email or call us looking for updates unless your order has passed 12 weeks.

    One of the reasons load data for 220 grain bullets in the 10 mm Semi auto are not common is the changes that have to be made to most pistols in order to function correctly. The 180 and 200 grain bullets are the weights that most 10 mm auto's are designed for, plus they produce much more Muzzle energy and less recoil. subsonic .308 win 175gr hpbt moly's just bought from hsm wondering which bullet they use have a few guesses. Wondering if anyone has done any work up on velocity +- from them? I use a 1:7 16" to meet the spec for the Lapua B416 which requires for subsonic loads a 1:200mm twist or faster and not more than 425mm length barrel so I can work the ... Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Accurate - Nitro 100 NF: 135 gr. 1.105 in. 4.3 gr. 5.0 gr.

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  • Stateline Bullets is the premier provider and manufacturer of Cast Lead Bullets and reloading supplies. Our hard lead cast bullets for pistols and rifles are made of the highest quality foundry alloy and are triple hand sorted to guarantee you the best reloading bullets and shooting supplies the market has to offer, all at competitive prices.

    as thick or sturdy as on jacketed bullets. These bullets fall between regular cast and jacketed bullets for load data. We recommend using lead bullet load data choosing the same weight and similar design. You should not exceed 1250 fps using our plated bullets. 45 caliber bullets should be loaded to no more than 850-900 fps for best results. 10mm Load Data Collection - page 1 - Reloading 10mm ammo - 10mm-firearms.com ... Lyman cast bullet data SPEER Supplement (before #12 was printed) SPEER #12 Hodgdon Data

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  • 22 Caliber -PC Bullet.22 cal Powder Coat Bullet – .22 Caliber 36 Grain TC BulletBevel Base DesignMaterial: Aluminum..

    Dec 28, 2020 · The 38 Special performs well with a wide range of bullets. 38 Special bullets for reloading typically weigh 110 to 158 grains. LRN and SWC wadcutters are commonly loaded for target shooting, while a variety of available JHPs let reloaders create self-defense loads of their own design.

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  • Apr 18, 2010 · I bought some - HSM 45acp 230gn. Flat Point Plated - and I can't seem to find any load data. I've searched the internet several times and came up empty so I thought I'd ask you guys. Most all of my 45acp's loads are 230gn. plated RN loaded with 5.1gn. bullseye with OAL 1.270 and have worked very good for range ammo.

    Each cartridge is loaded to ensure optimal pressure, velocity and consistency, from lot to lot. This Custom series ammo features the SST (Super Shock Tip) bullet, designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably, particularly at higher velocities. This load is ideal for medium (50-300 lbs) game.

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Hsm custom bullets load data

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1) We get the bullet closer to the rifling’s and this creates a generally more accurate load. 2) The longer 38-55 brass, with thinner case walls than 375 Winchester brass, gives much more case capacity and this allows chamber pressures to drop immensely. i.e. our 38-55 loads give the same performance (a 250gr. bullet @ 2000 fps) as the original 375 Winchester loading, but at only 38,000 CUP ... Bullets are custom-designed and manufactured to precise specifications to deliver specific on-target performance characteristics. These characteristics vary depending on bullet design. Winchester carries a variety of component bullets for both centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition.

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OK, I don't know 'HSM Custom' bullets. When I looked them up I only found plated bullets. Those look nice. But, I only use lead. 45s don't necessarily need to be 'Hard' cast. To limit leading, lead bullets have to fit and have a good lube. The size is right, don't know about the lube. The base of the bullet has to be bulged out to seal the barrel. Lee has data (that comes with their die {also available Seperately}, for 38 Special and 357 Magnum, Lead, Plated, and Jacked 125gr .357 bullets, including min. OAL So...lets put an end to this "there is no load data for plated 125gr bullets", THERE IS! If you reload, you should have a cornograph to to verify that your loads are "in the ballpark".

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HSM® Cowboy Action Handgun Ammo is loaded in traditional, old-time cartridges. Moderate pressures allow this ammunition to be used in authentic firearms of the cowboy era, and it handles well for target practice in modern firearms that are chambered in magnum cartridges. Cowboy Action ammunition shoots cast-lead bullets. text; charset=utf-8 Order your ammo online and we'll ship it directly to your doorstep. New & Remanufactured Ammunition - Made in the USA

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Custom Loads The "Custom" part of Custom Cartridge, Inc. means pet loads can be developed and tuned to your specific requirements. We also develop and sell load data for handloaders. Learn more . Dealer/Distributor Opportunities We offer dealer and distributor programs with non-exclusive or exclusive territories.

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Stateline Bullets - Specializing in Cast Bullets for Reloading. COUPON (2 days ago) Stateline Bullets is the premier provider and manufacturer of Cast Lead Bullets and reloading supplies. Our hard lead cast bullets for pistols and rifles are made of the highest quality foundry alloy and are triple hand sorted to guarantee you the best reloading ... A long body bullet will cause a jam, because cartridge headspace is too long to fit the chamber. Cast bullet designs need a defined end to the top of the front band. This can be a small step, a secant ogive, or a shallow angle. Choice of the correct bullet design is a critical first step in loading cast bullets in the 9mm. Choose the .355 diameter Pistol Bullet that's right for YOU. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect training round, or simply building the best ammunition for your needs, Midsouth has the right .355 diameter Pistol Bullet for your Reloading recipe.

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224 Valkyrie. The world’s best MSR 15 cartridge just got better. Meet three new loads that get more from 224 Valkyrie. Reloading Components | Handgun and Rifle Reloading Bullets for Sale Online. Bulk Reloading Projectiles with quantity discounts. In Stock, Free and Fast Shipping

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Rim Rock Bullets is facing increased demand, while working with our staff to keep everyone healthy and safe. Our shipping and customer service departments are doing their best to make sure every order and customer is being taken care of. Please bear with us at this time. Rim Rock Bullets understands the importance of the health and safety of our customers, team members, partners, associates ...Make: HSM Custom Bullets. Caliber: .223 Rem. Headstamp/Markings: NA. Quantity: 2000x Bullet Core: The bullets do not respond to a magnet and are lead/copper/non-steel core. Condition: The bullets are in very good condition. Please see our detailed photos for a better understanding of the condition.